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Ghost Investigations

Non-Profit Professional Groups/Societies

We are working hard to bring exclusive access to you within the Maggie Mine. If your group is interested, please use the contact form to send us a request and we will give you a call.

Not for commercial use-cannot be resold-not to be used for events

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We reserve the right to refuse service.

Calico Ghost Tours

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Main Street

The Main Street Tour is considered the original. As you stroll up Calico's Main Street your tour guide will point out some of the most popular historical sites. Then explain the paranormal activity that has taken place in that very spot. Sometimes the history explains the phenomenon and sometime it doesn't.

Maggie Mine

The Maggie Mine tour our second addition. During this tour you will get the chance to experience the mine like very few have-in darkness! The Maggie Mine and surrounding areas has been active with paranormal activity and now you can live it first hand.


The schoolhouse tour is now operating on select weekends and by special request. We explore the towns paranormal activity as it relates to the children and other spirits unique to the Schoolhouse area. We spent about 20 minutes actually sitting in the room with up close opportunities for experiences and photos.


Even though these tours are not theatrical and no paranormal activity can be guaranteed we have been experiencing many exciting things during the tours. The Mine has been especially active lately and our wonderful guests have been generous posting their pictures on Facebook.

All tours are 60-75 minutes. We reserve the right to refuse service. The tours cannot be used for events or resale purposes.

Important Note: These tours are not theatrical. We do not set up any "activity". What is seen and felt is the true thing. For this reason you will not always have an experience, but you will always have a great time.